A unique, original design houses the best efficiency: With Ecofire® Beatrice Palazzetti puts the emphasis on its ability to make stoves with unique technical characteristics paired with a never-before-seen, spectacular and eye-catching design.

The total originality of the Ecofire® Beatrice pellet stove lies in its convex front which is absolute first on the market. Watching a fire has always been an enthralling experience. Now, thanks to Beatrice and to its glass door, this event takes on a totally new meaning full of enhanced beauty and total emotional participation. Its shape stimulates an unequalled, stunning sensation while the reflections on the glass and the proximity of the flames to the door turn the view of the fire into a more tangible, spectacular event.

The exclusive top, coaxial gas outlet and combustion air intake configuration is just one of the technical assets of this sealed stove. It improves performances and reduces consumptions because the combustion air is already heated when it reaches the combustion chamber. It also gives you greater freedom of choice to decide how to install your stove: in a traditional position or against the wall.

Ecofire® Beatrice by Palazzetti is a gem of efficiency, technology and design that combines the spectacular beauty of a fire with practical heat production.