Exciting moments with TAI PING

Tai Ping is the world’s leading manufacturer of custom handmade and woven carpets. Founded in Hong Kong over 50 years ago to preserve China’s venerable craft of hand-made rugs, it has headquarters in Hong Kong, Paris and New York and a presence in more than 90 cities on four continents. Tai Ping’s rugs and carpets are designed in its Paris and New York ateliers and manufactured in Tai Ping’s own factories. The company collaborates with top architects and designers, helping them on commissions for the world’s most celebrated hotels, jets, yachts, private offices and homes.

“We are at an exciting moment in the history of Tai Ping,” comments James Kaplan, CEO of Tai Ping Carpets International Limited. “Our market presence and revenue continues to grow and we are at the forefront of design and manufacturing, catering to a clientele that demands we be ahead of the curve. But we are very much rooted in the culture in which we originated, where quality and tradition are prized above all else. We are taking the best of that history and moving forward as an innovative luxury brand.”

Tai Ping artisans handcraft each rug to the exact specifications of designers and clients. Its ateliers are a creative laboratory where customers collaborate with Tai Ping’s specialists, and where the process is supported from sketch to the final product. Tai Ping plays an educational role, raising awareness of the rich array of materials available and the myriad techniques that draw on skills passed between generations of artisans along with the latest advances.

Exclusive carpets “made in China”

Tai Ping is especially well known for manufacturing and innovating its own fibres and combinations, using the highest quality materials, including silk, linen, wool, cashmere, and jute. Examples include a delicate blend of silk and linen, a luxurious texture that softens with wear, and an unconventional juxtaposition of sisal and silk. The resulting carpets are exclusive, refined and subtle and their production is complex and long.

In June 2012 Tai Ping will open its newest and most ambitious flagship space in its newly renovated 18th century ‘hotel particulier,’ the Hôtel de Livry in Paris. Working with emerging designer Ramy Fischler, Tai Ping has created a space that is as innovative as it is exquisite, as welcoming as its design studio and consultants are skilled. With future flagships planned for London and Shanghai, the Hôtel de Livry marks an ambitious new phase in the company’s evolution.

“The combination of Tai Ping’s wholly-owned mills and our unbelievably adept workforce who realise our designs with exquisite craftsmanship and attention to detail are unsurpassed,” comments Catherine Vergez, Tai Ping’s Managing Director, EMEA. “The opening of our newly renovated European flagship, the Hôtel de Livry in Paris, celebrates our commitment to offering our clients the best in quality and service.”